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Recent Box Breaks
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Decided to pick up a box of 01/02 Upper Deck Series 2 at ShopKo for $30. Here are the pulls.(MJ cards arent for trade) Will trade for BASEBALL/FOOTBALL only, unless they are Jordan cards that i dont have.

Notable Series 2 Rookies:
R Jefferson x2
T Parker
K Brown
K brown
S Delembert
Lot others

Star Rookie Retro/notable base
SRR E Brand
SRR T Hardaway
SRR E Jones
SRR M Jordan !
base M Jordan !

Sky High Insert:
K Brown

Breakout Performers:
Baron Davis

SuperStar Summit:
Shaquille O'neal
Allen Iverson

Motion Pictures:
Paul Pierce
Michael Jordan !

15,000 Pt Club jerseys: 1:120
Patrick Ewing
Karl Malone
Not Bad 2 jersey cards!

2004 Donruss retail 24 pack
Let me know if you have any, Thanks.
for $18 not bad...
Power Alley
Mike Piazza Yellow PA 2  #d /100
Press proof-RED
Mike Piazza
Steve Finley
Diamond Kings -Gold/yellow?
Nomar Garciaparra DK-20  #d /2500

American League All-Stars
Ichiro Al As 3  #d /1000
Timber & Threads
Mike Sweeney Jersey (grey) TT-14