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If  you cant read what is at the right, the same info is also below.

Draft Information
There will be a veteran draft after every season.


The 2 teams that made it to the finals will DROP ONE of thier TOP 2 HIGHEST RATED PLAYERS and the rest of PLAYOFF TEAMS will drop ONE of their top 4 HIGHEST RATED PLAYERS....

All the NON-PLAYOFF TEAMS will drop ONE of thier top 6 HIGHEST RATED PLAYERS***

***If there happens to be 2 or more players with the same ratings i will then take the one that scored the most points during the regular season...

I will send out a list of the players eligible for the draft and out of the players i have listed for your team, YOU MUST  pick one player and email or IM me that player u want to drop into the draft, and if u dont do that i will pick one for u, and it may not be the one u want to drop.
After i have recieved all the players from EVERY team then i will send out a list of all the players that will be in the draft and then send me a list of the players u want...for example if u have pick 12 send me your top 12 players